You can find grown tradition of viniculture in Weingut Schmitt's Kinder. The baroque family estate was built in the years 1710 to 1712. Nine generations have already been involved in vine growing on the steep vineyards. The cultivated area is about 13 hectares. The warm shell limestone soils of Randersacker give the wine its special characteristics.

According to tradition, the main vine is Silvaner, followed by Mueller-Thurgau, Riesling, Scheurebe and Rieslaner. Some of the present Silvaner vines are 25 to 30 years old. Two additional sorts, Bacchus and Kerner, which are very popular in Franconia, should be mentioned as well.

The vineyards are cultivated by natural methods. A computerized weather station within the vineyards helps to record the micro-climate exactly. By means of these data you can precisely calculate the infection pressure of mycosis and its threshold of damage to the vines. This way the use of plant protection can be minimized. The vineyards are being cultivated according to the ecological rules of VDP (association of German quality estates). The grape harvest is done very carefully and selected by hand-picking.


Adam und Karl Schmitt
Am Sonnenstuhl
97236 Randersacker am Main
Phone:  +49 / 931 / 70 59 197
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We use oak casks and inox tanks for wine cultivating. In the last few years we were starting new experiments with oak barrels (so-called barrique cultivation). The oak originally comes from France.
50% of our wines are cultivated "dry", about 30% "halfdry" and 20% of our production consists of great high-class wines of late vintage and noble selection.

The most important steps during the last few years were the restructuring of the vineyards and the construction of the new estate situated at the bottom of the wine-growing hill Sonnenstuhl ("sun chair"). There we hold onto tradition of producing elegant white wines of outstanding quality. For the future, we intend to aquire additional vineyards in excellent sites. Furthermore, we are planning to extend the cultivation in barrique barrels and to tentatively start the growing of red wines.
Our main task, yet, will be to continue the consequent refinement of white wines. This view of management is reconfirmed by highly successful competitions in wine tastings and tests. Our wines have won numerous prizes from regional awards up to the federal and state level "Bundesehrenpreise DLG".


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